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There are a number of ways in which your business can benefit from NHS Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services from the Working Well Centre:

Reduced cost of sickness absence

Taking good care of the health of your employees will bring major benefits for your business.
As an employer, sickness absence costs you an average of £495 every year for every worker employed - and the indirect costs are probably much more (CBI 2005 statistics from HSE website).

Nationally, sickness absence costs 'UK Plc' more than £12 billion a year. Working Well can provide impartial occupational health advice on both long and short term sickness absence situations. Opinions can also be given in relation to ill health retirement.

Training for managers is vital for consistent good practice across your organisation. We can support your organisation to deliver this.

Improved Health and wellbeing of employees

We offer:

  • Mini health checks for staff, in the workplace
  • Nurse-led health advice service
  • Tips on weight management, stopping smoking or staying well
  • Workplace health fairs, giving your people the opportunity to get advice on a healthy lifestyle

Shifting the focus to having a proactive approach to employee health and seeing the value of health promotion rather than counting the cost of ill health is now the mantra of many successful businesses.

We can also provide places on our award winning Self Care course to help employees improve their health and wellbeing which has demonstrated significant reduction in sickness absence rates. It is primarily aimed to address short term sickness absence rates.

Reduction in  musculoskeletal disorders

The cost of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) to UK business and society is substantial. HSE estimate that 1.01 million people are currently affected each year, resulting in 11.6 million lost working days (2004/05). On average, each affected person took an estimated 20.5 days off work in that 12 month period.

Musculo-skeletal problems are very common and can be very painful. Within the workplace they may arise in relation to manual handling issues or workstation set up for example. The vast majority of problems are probably not due to any specific incident but are very disabling whilst they are ongoing. Musculo-skeletal problems commonly include back, neck, shoulder or wrist pain.

Both employees and managers can help to manage musculo-skeletal problems within the workplace and individuals can be helped to remain in work or to return to work at an earlier time with appropriate assistance and advice.

Many individuals with musculo-skeletal problems are likely to come under the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) and therefore reasonable adjustments within the workplace must be considered.

Working Well is able to provide advice to support managers and employees in relation to these issues in the following ways:

  • Management referral for specific advice regarding an employee.
  • A Workplace visit to assess workstation areas or other work processes.
  • Moving and Handling Training.
  • Provide Physiotherapy and Chiropractor Treatment.

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